Welcome to SeSaME Oil Buying Club

A warm welcome to Mike Parker and the members of SeSaME Oil Buying Club – www.sesame.oilbuyingclub.com .


Based in Sedgeberrow, the club covers an area to the south west of Evesham in Worcestershire.  We first met Mike when we presented at a meeting of Parish Councillors within the Wychavon District Council area.  A meeting followed on from that which led us to launching the club on the Oil Buying Club System.

Mikes role in the community includes the Oil Buying Club, sustainable energy projects and publication of the Sedgeberrow News.  On e project is looking at ways to improve renewable energy from the school roof.The club had an initial membership of circa 130 but this has been growing steadily since launching on the new system.  Villages in the area with members in the scheme include Ashton under Hill, Beckford, Dumbleton, Wormington, Hinton, and Aston Sommerville.  Mike aims to continue the growth in membership; it improves the effectiveness if the club which benefits his members and suppliers.

The first order was handled by Countrywide Fuels – a new supplier for the members.  Deliveries have gone well with the Suppler completing on time and without any issues.

Next orders will be later this month, ahead of the Christmas peak.  The forward order schedule is available here